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12 regions (16 Partners) – some of them worked already together in projects PIMMS and PIMMS TRANSFER – came together for good practice exchange and capitalisation of mobility management ideas. The partners have identified 14 good practices that will be exported between the regions – a total of 32 imports.

This project runs under the INTERREG IVC programme for 26 months. INTERREG IVC supports the coherence of Europe through interregional cooperation and transfer of knowledge and PIMMS CAPITAL will produce an Action Plan for each region, setting out how the key stakeholders will commit to adopting the selected good practices. The project started in October 2010 and is funded by the European Commission with 1.4 Mio €.

The PIMMS CAPITAL objective:

Stimulating modal shift towards more sustainable forms of transport by increasing the implementation of high quality mobility management techniques and policies in European regions.


  1. to capitalise on the experience of PIMMS and PIMMS TRANSFER,
  2. to involve an extensive range of related stakeholders at municipal and sub-regional level,
  3. to involve other sources of good practice and expertise, notably other EU-funded projects
  4. to demonstrate how Mobility Management adds value to the ERDF-funded capital investment in ‘hard-works’, especially Public Transport in Convergence regions.

Each partner in this project has identified local or regional specific problems which could by solved by PIMMS CAPITAL. This includes the development of Public Transport, Mobility Management solutions, new approaches to IT based information, passenger safety and promotion of sustainable Mobility.

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PIMMS CAPITAL Final Conference 25th September Birmingham UK

Mobility Management, the Low Carbon Economy and the ERDF

PIMMS CAPITAL ends soon. To reflect on partners’ experiences and to look forward, the project is holding a master-conference on 24/26 September. It’s open to all, there is no attendance fee. For the conference programme click HERE; for a full brochure, with info on hotels etc click HERE. To register (online only please) click HERE.

Why attend?

  • The next EC funding period starts in 2014, and a key priority, already agreed, is to reduce the European Union’s carbon impact.
  • PIMMS CAPITAL has proved that the EC’s Structural Funds can be used to fund sustainable mobility actions – an important way to achieve this priority.
  • So now is the time for these lessons to be shared with key decision-makers, at both regional, national and European levels.
  • Help to shape the future: learn from our experience, support our manifesto, join us to do more!

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