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Capitalising on Partner Initiatives in Mobility Management Services

Mobility Management

Mobility Management (MM) is a concept to promote sustainable transport and manage the demand for car use by changing travellers’ attitudes and behaviour. At the core of Mobility Management are "soft" measures like information and communication, organising services and coordinating activities of different partners. “Soft” measures most often enhance the effectiveness of "hard" measures within urban transport (e.g., new tram lines, new roads and new bike lanes). Mobility Management measures (in comparison to "hard" measures) do not necessarily require large financial investments and may have a high benefit-cost ratio. The benefit of mobility management to Structural Funds actions is that it enhances the investment, and helps to maximise the benefit of (for example) new public transport investment. For more about mobility management, please click here.

Capitalisation projects

Capitalisation projects are interregional cooperation projects which focus specifically on the transfer of regional development good practices into mainstream EU Structural Funds Programmes. Thus each of the 12 regions in PIMMS CAPITAL will prepare a Regional Action Plan that clearly sets out how the selected good practices will be ‘imported’, with particular reference to relevant Structural Funds Operational Programme priorities for the period 2007-13. PIMMS CAPITAL partners will also consider other regional policies, including the ROPs for 2014-20, and national and regional programmes.

PIMMS Methodology:

  • Seeing-is-believing
  • Key decision-makers are extremely important: not only from project-partner organisations but from all relevant organisations in learning regions
  • Critical Success Factors: what is the magic ingredient that will allow the transfer from one region to another
  • Tight-loose project structure: many bilateral actions permitting partners to set their own agenda
  • Own-language working: to enable participation of key decision-makers

Fast track networks

PIMMS CAPITAL is one of only 11 INTERREG IVC projects to be selected as a Fast Track Network, and the onlyproject concerned with transport. FTNs:

  • are key delivery mechanisms for the European Commission’s "Regions for Economic Change" (RfEC) initiative introducing new ways to dynamise regional and urban networks in EU Regional Policy, test innovative ideas and enable a rapid transfer into Structural Funds programmes;
  • actively involve Managing Authorities (MAs) of relevant ERDF, ESF and Cohesion Fund Programme(s);
  • are assisted by the European Commission services by, among others, providing information on relevant EU policy priorities and issues and examples of additional good practice for policy learning, and monitoring the quality of the peer-review process, content of good practice transfer and the involvement and commitment of the MAs.

For more information, click here.


Oct-10 to Dec-10 Visit and Delegation Plan
Jan-11 to Oct-11 Export Visits
Jul-11 to Jan-12 Import Workshops
Jan-12 to Jun-12 Regional Action Plans
Mar-12 to Jun-12 Regional Conferences
Sep-12 Final Conference

//// NEWS ////

PIMMS CAPITAL Final Conference 25th September Birmingham UK

Mobility Management, the Low Carbon Economy and the ERDF

PIMMS CAPITAL ends soon. To reflect on partners’ experiences and to look forward, the project is holding a master-conference on 24/26 September. It’s open to all, there is no attendance fee. For the conference programme click HERE; for a full brochure, with info on hotels etc click HERE. To register (online only please) click HERE.

Why attend?

  • The next EC funding period starts in 2014, and a key priority, already agreed, is to reduce the European Union’s carbon impact.
  • PIMMS CAPITAL has proved that the EC’s Structural Funds can be used to fund sustainable mobility actions – an important way to achieve this priority.
  • So now is the time for these lessons to be shared with key decision-makers, at both regional, national and European levels.
  • Help to shape the future: learn from our experience, support our manifesto, join us to do more!

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